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A rule-based system, on the other hand, makes almost no use of its nearly nonexistent memory. The sections that follow will discuss the functional needs of a case-based planner, beginning with a basic planner and then expanding to deal with problems as they arise. 2 Plan retrieval At its simplest, a case-based planner is a memory that returns to a past plan whenever it is given a new set of goals. If it cannot find a plan that satisfies all of the goals it has been handed, it returns a plan that meets most or many of them.

It also knows which goals were being pursued in taking the actions and creating the states that led to its failure. CHEF explains the failures that it encounters through a causal description of why they have occurred. 3 Plan repair strategies and TOPs This explanation serves two functions. For the short-term task of repairing the plan, it describes the planning problem in a general causal vocabulary that can be used to access some equally general plan-debugging strategies. Repair techniques are indexed in memory under causal descriptions of the situations that they are built to handle.

The failures that a plan avoids while satisfying other goals cannot be identified by looking at a finished plan without examining the reasoning that went into constructing it. It is only during the planning process, when the plan fails and is repaired, that the problems arising out of certain interactions can be identified. The fact that a plan avoids a particular 22 CHAPTER 1. PLANNING AND MEMORY problem can only be seen by the REPAIRER, and the REPAIRER has to then tell the STORER about the goals that the repaired plan satisfies and the failures that it avoids along the way.

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