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Pharmacology in the Catheterization Laboratory

Cardiologists this present day prescribe medicinal drugs with advanced mechanisms of motion, pharmacokinetics, symptoms, contraindications and drug-frug interactions; a lot of that have been no longer to be had whilst ultra-modern practitioners have been in education. This ebook was once written to fulfill the turning out to be call for for whole, certain and exact cardiac pharmacology details.

Molecular Cardiology for the Cardiologists

Molecular Cardiology for the heart specialist presents a brief, simply readable precis of what the recent biology brings to cardiology. With this in brain, specific efforts were made to provide many entire schemes and drawings, in addition to instructing tables. The 5 elements of the publication offer a common advent to the recent language of biology; the conventional constitution of the guts and blood vessels; the physiopathology and the recent healing avenues which were unfolded by means of the hot biology.

Selected Topics in Exercise Cardiology and Rehabilitation

During this booklet the lectures of the 1st process the overseas tuition of Cardiology at Ettore Majorana are provided. it truly is tough to mirror in a book of this sort the ambience and spirit of this postgraduate direction. furthermore, the gorgeous surroundings of Erice and its atmosphere, celebrated by means of historical Greek poets, can by no means be defined through the editors of this booklet.

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