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By Hector Sabelli

This booklet makes a speciality of a prototype of inventive causal strategies termed BIOS and the way the concept that may be utilized to the actual international, in drugs and in social technology. This publication offers equipment for making a choice on inventive gains in empirical info; stories exhibiting biotic styles in actual, organic, and financial methods; mathematical types of bipolar (positive and unfavorable) suggestions that generate biotic styles. those reports aid the speculation that traditional tactics are inventive (not made up our minds) and causal (not random) and that bipolar suggestions performs an enormous position of their evolution. easy strategies precede, coexist, represent and encompass the advanced platforms they generate (priority of the simple). In flip, complicated tactics suggestions and remodel less complicated ones (supremacy of the complex).

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There is both evolution and involution (enantiodromia), but evolution, by necessity, predominates, as it is not possible to destroy what has not been yet created. The universe is generated by asymmetric action (the flow of energy in time, rather than reversible time), bipolar information and triadic interactions at each fundamental level of organization, from elementary particles to mental processes. Asymmetry accounts for initiating macroscopic evolution (priority of the simple). The information so created contributes to further evolution through a feedback process (supremacy of the complex).

Its relation to modern science has been highlighted by Bohr and others (Kothari, D. S. 1985, The Complementarity Principle and Eastern Philosophy. In Niels Bohr, A Centenary Volume, A. P. French and P. J. Kennedy (Eds). Harvard University Press. Prigogine, I. (1980). From Being to Becoming. Time and Complexity in the Physical Sciences. San Francisco: W. H, Freeman. Rhee, Y. P. (Ed). (1999). Toward New Paradigm of System Science. Seoul: Seoul National University Press. Lin, Y. (1999). General systems theory: a mathematical approach.

2003). The Structure of Evolutionary Theory. Cambridge, MA: The Belknap Press of Harvard University Press. 5 Sabelli, A. (1952). Escritos. Buenos Aires. Private edition. See H. Sabelli, Union of Opposites (1989). 1 The Oldest Profession and the Origin of Science Contrary to a popular saying, medicine is the oldest profession. The first specialized role in primitive human bands was the medicine man or woman. As a pharmacologist, it pleases me to highlight that science began with empirical knowledge of medicinal herbs.

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