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By Kenneth E. Hagin

God wishes His humans to prosper financially. Rev. Kenneth E. Hagin provides a bird's eye view of the topic of prosperity for the believer

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And if you're not prospering in life right now, your prosperity in God won't appear overnight either. But if you'll continually honor and obey God and His Word, it will come. It is my prayer that the teachings in this book will bring God's blessings to your life so you can be a blessing to the Kingdom of God and the work of God on the earth. Chapter 1 Poverty: A Blessing Or a Curse? CHRIST HATH REDEEMED US from the curse of the law, being made a curse for us: for it is written, Cursed is every one that hangeth on a tree.

In fact, bankers and financial advisors told two of them to take bankruptcy. " My friend said, "I knew if those men gave anything, it would be something they couldn't afford to give because they didn't have anything to give! "But one of the businessmen told me afterward that he marched down there to that altar and put his last three hundred dollars on the Bible. Another one of the businessmen who was in trouble financially gave five hundred dollars. " They honored God, and God honored them! Now they didn't give just to get.

When Adam and Eve listened to the devil, it resulted in spiritual death. Spiritual death immediately began to manifest itself in the human family. Eventually, Adam and Eve's firstborn son murdered the second-born son (Gen. 4:8). Man had become an outcast, an outlaw, driven from the Garden with no legal ground to approach God. Man in his fallen state could not respond to the call of God without a sacrifice. Man was hindered in his response to God because he was more than a transgressor; he was more than a lawbreaker and sinner.

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