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Sam had been with her, and in fact, it was where Sam had met Eduardo. ” Anna asked, taking the smallest sip of her cocktail. It was fruity, and the bartender hadn’t skimped on the alcohol. No more than one, she told herself. “Trump. ” Caine took a pull on his beer. He flashed his disarming smile, then pushed the low-slung black table in front of them away a bit with his legs. “There. Much better. ” Anna liked compliments as much as the next girl, but this one felt oddly removed, as if he were commenting on the Whiskey Bar’s décor.

Come and hug me, they were saying. Her first instinct was to accept the invite. The thing about Adam was, he always managed to melt her tough exterior, to somehow get to her softer core. With him, she was actually nice. She couldn’t decide if that was a good thing or a fatal flaw, but, in all honesty, she liked the girl she was with him. But Cammie stayed where she was, balling her hands into fists at her sides. She was not about to throw herself at a boy who professed his love and then stood her up.

Only Cammie would look at an ultimatum extension as generous. And only she would decide ahead of time that if things didn’t work out with Adam, she was going after Ben. ” Cammie waggled her fingers in the direction of Dee Young, who was just arriving with her boyfriend, Jack Walker. Jack and Ben had both just finished their freshman years at Princeton, where they’d quickly become friends. Jack was in Los Angeles for a summer internship in the Fox reality TV department. Anna recalled how they’d met.

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