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In Beast: The Primordial, you're one of many Begotten: a man or woman with a monster's soul. not only any monster notwithstanding, yet one of many nice monsters of legend: A titan, dragon, gryphon, kraken, or the good unseen probability. You’ve been having an analogous nightmare for a very long time, very likely your whole lifestyles. might be you have been stalked by means of a unyielding, unseen hunter, or dropped from nice heights. might be you have been pulled down into the waters, slowly drowning. Left helpless within the face of overwhelming strength. Or whatever so gruesome used to be looking you that simply the concept of seeing it might probably jump-scare you sufficient to get up. the type of desires people had because the sunrise of time.

However, you made the choice you have been performed with being a sufferer, and became to stand the monster. And in doing so, you learned that you're monster. you may have consistently been the Beast. And now that you simply embraced your precise nature, you understood your self rather a lot larger. even supposing this event can have been dramatic, it's also an incredible aid: the Beast is familiar with why it truly is varied, why it by no means felt love it slot in, and the place its unusual urges come from.

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Brianna feeds on altruism. She doesn’t drown her would-be saviors — what kind of lesson would that teach? — she just dives deep and swims away, letting them either keep looking or swim back to land thinking that she drowned. Hunting with a Namtaru Predator can be rather disconcerting. She works with a strange alien efficiency when set into a group and given a task, growing even more unnerving when the task is a violent one. A Namtaru Predator’s Hunger might require her to taste the blood from a dozen separate tiny cuts from her victims, or feel all a victim’s ribs break, one by one, under her hands.

The young prince Zal was revealed as a Beast as a child and left to die in the wilderness. The Simurgh took him in and taught him the ways of magic. Returning to the world of humanity, Zal was greeted as a savior, performing great works of medicine and even saving his wife’s life during childbirth. The son, however, became a Hero; while he spared his father, his own child was not so lucky. On the opposite end of the spectrum, many of the Ugallu like to claim the Phoenix as one of their own. It’s an almost universally positive icon, being long-lived and beautiful, and even possessing a dubious sort of immortality.

She swims out there once a day with a plastic bag. She always has something in the bag, something metal and heavy, and she always comes back to the beach without it. Once, someone from her neighborhood decided to grab the bag and peek in, but no one’s sure what happened after that because a storm blew up out of nowhere. Next time anyone saw Yin, she was walking into the water with two bags. The hoard of a Namtaru Collector is exquisitely terrifying. On the surface it is filled with beautiful things: master ful paintings, finely wrought jewelry, and elegant robes made from only the most luxurious materials.

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