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18);* third, when he received the promise of the Spirit at his exaltadon and poured the Spirit forth on his disciples, thus becoming L o r d ofthe Spirit. The transition from first to second was made possible and 'triggered off' by his Submission to John's baptism; the transition from second to third by his Submission to the bapdsm of the cross. It is important to realize that this threefold scheme of salvationhistory is a development on the older Jewish view of two ages in which the new age and covenant simply succeeded the old.

This passage has recentiy been justly classified as an early Christian midrash on Deut. 2» A s Yahweh led Israel his Son (cf. E x . 4 . Z 2 - 2 3 ; J e r . 3 r . 9 ; Hos. 1 1 . 1 ) in the wilderness for forty years to humble, to test (frecpä^eiv) and to discipline him (Deut. 8 . 2 - 5 ) , so Jesus is led into the wUderness by the Spiritz» for forty days to be tested (neipdleoßai). Y a h w e h discipUned Israel, because that is what a father does with his son (Deut. 5); so Jesus, newly haUed as G o d ' s Son, is tested vigorously at just this point (Matt.

Phil. 2 . 6 - 1 1 ; Heb. 1 2 . 2 . Moberiy 1 5 2 . ; J . A . T. Robinson, Studies 1 6 7 . ^' Cf. C. H. Dodd, Tbe Apostolic Preaching and its Developments ( 1 9 3 6 , reprinted 1963) 2 6 ; Schweizer in B N T E 5 0 3 ^ " As C. K. ; cf. P. van Stempvoort, NTS j ( 1 9 5 8 ) 3 0 - 4 2 . 33).

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