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By Ibrahim Karim

This first-ever released number of writings by way of Dr. Ibrahim Karim displays the holistic essence of his worldview. Dr Karim is the founding father of the technological know-how of BioGeometry within the early Nineteen Seventies. BioGeometry is the technological know-how that makes use of shapes, colours, movement and sound to urge concord into the sophisticated power characteristics of our environment. on the middle of this concord is a sophisticated strength caliber present in the transcendental facilities of the forming strategy of nature and is the most caliber in sacred strength spots of humanity that supply a non secular size to the undying monuments erected because the sunrise of humanity. together with his adventure as an architect and a scientist Dr. Karim has synergized points of Pythagorean Harmonics, refined strength sciences, Radiesthesia, Geobiology, development Biology, Sacred structure & sleek wave theories to provide a brand new Physics of caliber from which the technological know-how of BioGeometry emerged. *BioGeometry bridges technological know-how and spirituality to provide a usual concord into the surroundings. *BioGeometry presents a manageable resolution in remodeling the standard of the influence that electromagnetic radiation has on residing platforms. profitable initiatives in Switzerland in collaboration & acknowledgment of Swiss experts end up its potency to take our smooth technological know-how into the longer term. *BioGeometry presents new recommendations to Earth Radiation, that's a major healthiness possibility if now not stated within the position and layout of our structures. * a brand new energy-quality-based research of the good Pyramid in Giza, unearths new wisdom at the preferable of the wonders of the area and at the essence of the nice historical Egyptian civilization.

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Origin of the Elements now the prevailing view about the nature of matter It is that all and otherwise, is descended from neutrons. A few w ould still have it that these neutrons are constantly appearing in empty space, there to evolve into hydrogen atoms, w hich in turn are driven together by the pressure of starlight and their ow n gravitational attraction to form new stars. A now more prevalent view the so-called ''big-bang" hypothesis of astronomer George Gamow is that the entire visible universe once consisted of one or several balls of neutrons endow ed with such energy and mass of it, living — — its matter into such force that it has expanded continuously ever after to form the present universe.

Distances that could be measured directly using Earth's equatorial and orbital diameters were limited to the nearest stars. The fact that the apparent brightness of stars varied as the square of their distance gave crude clues at best. But exciting things were in store for a young Harvard astronomer named Harlow Shapley and his contemporaries early in this century. They discovered, from measurements on stars that fluctuated regularly in brightness, the Cepheid Variables, that the brightness changed in a cyclical manner that could be related to distance.

Still others claim that quasars are not even at cosmologically important distances. Such competing hypotheses, challenging each other for preeminence are the sign of healthy science. But until this problem is time as they are in space, objects that resolved, quasar red shifts cannot be taken as conclusive evidence of distance or speed of retreat. In fact, even ordinary optical red shifts OfStars and Space 33 have periodically been questioned as indicators of speed of flight and was suggested in 1972 by the international team of J.

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