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31, 1978 t o Jan. 3 , 1979. f o r strong 28 The o t h e r a t y p i c a l p e r i o d f o r t h e 1978-1979 s e a s o n i s shown i n Fig. p e r i o d December 3 1 t o J a n u a r y 3. increased to 90 km/hr and night, By t h e a f t e r n o o n o f J a n u a r y 1, wind s p e e d s had continued d e c r e a s i n g below 24 km/hr. 11 f o r t h e strong during the next two days, seldom The g r a p h i n d i c a t e s t h a t ozone l e v e l s d i d n o t d r o p a t remaining q u i t e uniform throughout the period.

L. B. Johnson, Atm. , 12(1978)2185-2196. G. J. L. A. B e l l , Atm. , 1273-1277. R. C h a t f i e l d and H. Harrison, J. Geophy. R e s . , 81(1976)421-423. B. N. SHARMA Post-graduate Studies and Research Deptt. of Chemistry St. S. SHARMA ABSTRACT An analysis of water-soluble samples collected from marble and sandstone of monuments for different ions have been done, The combustion, manufacturing and other polluting operations existing within Agra area have been investigated. F. indicate atmospheric contamination and deterioration of archaeological monuments of Agra.

7. 1977. Hourly averaged ozone c o n c e n t r a t i o n s f o r t h e p e r i o d Jan. From t h e w i n t e r season of 1978 t o 1979, r i d g e s of 60 hour minimum d u r a t i o n ( F i g s . between October and mid-February. Fig. seven w e l l - e s t a b l i s h e d 2-4) 6 t o Jan. S. 8 i s an a v e r a g e of e a c h of these ridge p e r i o d s , w i t h t h e e x c e p t i o n of t h e f i r s t h i g h p r e s s u r e r i d g e p e r i o d from October 1 t o 5. The d a t a could have normally occurred f o r a been plotted with s o u t h e r l y winds e x c l u d e d , which c o u p l e h o u r s e a c h day, b u t were p l o t t e d for the full 24-hour day because i n s i g n i f i c a n t d i f f e r e n c e s were d e t e c t e d .

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