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By Erin Steuter

At struggle with Metaphor bargains a compelling research of our public discussions of the warfare on terror and the binding conceptual metaphors in which they're framed. interpreting the pictures of animal, insect, and ailment that form and restrict our realizing of the conflict, and tying those photographs to old and modern makes use of of propaganda and media filters, the authors discover how information media, together with political cartoons and speak radio, are enmeshed during this harmful, dehumanizing language.

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The lexicon of war raises the stakes of the discussion and generates intensity: war, after all, is about our very survival. What is this lexicon? ” These nouns define the people and countries involved in conflict primarily in terms of opposi- Weaponizing Words 11 tion: we are defined by who we are against, and our opponents are defined as our opposites; both sides are thus locked into roles of essential difference and eternal opposition. The verbs in our lexicon of war also perform this kind of ideological work.

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23 The war metaphor allows for this expansion of power: when the government declares war on cancer or poverty or drugs it means the government is asking that new forces be mobilized to address the problem but when the government declares war on terrorism, it is giving itself permission to do what it wants. “When it wants to intervene somewhere, it will. ”24 The war metaphor negates any other non-military possibility as a way to defend the country. Since national security is inextricably tied to the war’s success, to be against the war is to be against the nation’s very survival, and therefore to be a national threat.

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