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In the full version of this paper (in preparation), where we give a full formal verification of a plan, such a theory is developed for a very simple microworld. A major objective is designing such a language of plans is to facilitate the construction of plans by a hierarchical task-reduction planner. The task reduction paradigm for planning assumes that the planning process consists largely of three types of operations: finding reductions of subtasks to "canned" routines in a plan library; combining these routines under an overall control structure; and performing a relatively small amount of "criticism" to create positive interactions and eliminate negative interactions.

Therefore, we keep the belief function based projection, even though a small amount of information is lost. Given that the representation is limited to belief functions, the following theorem shows that the projection rule is the best projection operation possible. , complete ignorance). In general, the distance into the future at which an agent can usefully make predictions (even statistical predictions) is limited by the level of abstraction of its models. There is a distinct difference between how the lower probability approach handles the case of overly abstract models from how the Bayesian approach treats this case.

E x a m p l e 1: Crossing a lightly-trafficked street. hold_valve(ti;Aee/s, move forward)) SAFE-CROSS-STREET = interrupt_for( AVOID-CARS,CROSS-STREET). The subplan AVOID-CARS is a general policy to avoid cars by moving out of their way when they are approaching. The subplan CROSS-STREET is a simple plan to cross a street by moving forward until the street is crossed. Both of these subplans requires exclusive control of the wheels. This control is called a valve in our planning language. The plan SAFE-CROSS-STREET states that CROSS-STREET should be carried out, being interrupted by AVOIDCARS whenever that conflicts.

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