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Serious structure examines the connection among serious perform in structure and architectural feedback. putting structure in an interdisciplinary context, the book explores architectural feedback on the subject of modes of feedback in different disciplines - in particular paintings feedback - and considers how serious perform in structure operates via a couple of varied modes: constructions, drawings and texts.

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My maximum debt within the writing of this ebook is to my instructor Dr. Ulrich Middeldorf, who taught me the method of study in artwork historical past, and who guided my stories of paintings thought and feedback. This examine, which in an past shape used to be permitted as a doctoral dissertation by way of the college of Chicago, was once all started less than Dr.

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Theater became interesting because it offered a different access to the representation of spacial-temporal relationships. The focus was thus nOt primarily on escaping the conventions of an, on a hybridization (which Fried rebukes art for making), but on the necessity of reintegrating a dimension of the histOrical into art and its experience. In the late 1960s and 1970$ Graham realized a series of performances that he collectively termed Tbeatre. 67 At a time when theater itself did not want to be theatrical (at least not in the traditional, representational sense) and Performance Art was just seeking co achieve independence as an art form by setting itself off from the conventions of theater, Graham explicitly resorted to the art form of theater.

Can an artist like Buren, who painstakingly controls all the modes of presentation, documentation and sale of his work (and who has also influenced its interpretation through numerous texts of his own), exert an influence on the historicization of his work? How does this work, which has developed so decisively in debate with the museumas the institution that frames, determines, enables the artwork's existence-relate to the museum as the location that preserves and recollects art and transfers it to a collective memory?

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