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By Daniel Cohen

During this ebook, Daniel Cohen explores the connections among arguments and metaphors such a lot stated in philosophy, simply because philosophical discourse is either completely metaphorical and replete with argumentation. The metaphors we use for arguments, in addition to the methods we use metaphors as arguments and in arguments, presents the foundation for a tripartite theoretical framework for figuring out and comparing arguments. There are logical, rhetorical, and dialectical dimensions to arguments, each one delivering norms for behavior, vocabulary for overview, and standards for fulfillment. In flip, the pointed out roles for arguments generally discourse may be utilized to metaphors, supporting to give an explanation for what they suggest and the way they paintings. Cohen covers the character of arguments, their modes and buildings, and the rules in their evaluate. He additionally addresses the character of metaphors, their position in language and notion, and their connections to arguments, determining and reconciling arguments' and metaphors' respective roles in philosophy.

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Of course, there are also great differences that might be offered as counterexamples or counterbalances to the value of this metaphor. Wars can be prevented by diplomatic efforts, so they represent a failure of diplomacy. Arguments are not always symptomatic of communicative failure. Often they are the expressly intended products of rational inquiry! Indeed, if we include rational engagement under the rubric "diplomacy," then it is precisely argumentation that can best Argument is War . and War is Hell 45 prevent wars!

The formula at hand also endorses the possibility of arguing for something without arguing against anybody; and again, the argument-is-war metaphor cannot easily accommodate that. The acceptability of a speech act can always be increased, which explains why "preaching to the converted" is not necessarily an idle exercise. Another happy consequence of this conception of arguments is that it helps explain why explanations might qualify as arguments. This seems meet since explanations constitute a large part of many arguments.

Wars are occasions that test the national resolve and sense of identity, while arguments can do the same for the individual. Wars need not end with a winner and a loser, because both sides might claim victory, when in fact both sides may have lost a great deal, and there is surely a counterpart for arguments. Of course, there are also great differences that might be offered as counterexamples or counterbalances to the value of this metaphor. Wars can be prevented by diplomatic efforts, so they represent a failure of diplomacy.

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