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By Charles H. Kahn

Through feedback and research of historical traditions, Kahn reconstructs the trend of Anaximander’s proposal utilizing old tools comparable to the reconstructive strategies of comparative linguists.

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524-25. The two texts are printed in parallel columns and discussed in detail by G. M. Stratton, Sensibus", Phronesis, Theophrastus and the Greek Physiological Psy- chology before Aristotle (London, 191 7), pp. , 203 ff The exposition of Plato's complex theories contains a few omissions and inaccuracies, due Stratton, op. ) i6n and p. 53. p. may Theo- challenge comparison with that of any modem historian of philosophy, but when he turns to criticism, the historical interest of his \vork naturally fades into tlie background.

2. The The 14. 15. Formadon of the Heavens Stars and Sun The Moon 16. Size, Position, 3. apxri aneipov 5. Heavens and KoafioL The Fragment 6. Reasons 4. for Introducing aneipov Eternal Motion and aTTOKpims 8. Cosmic Divinity 7. 9. Infinite Worlds 10. Posidon of the Earth 11. Form of the Earth 12. Antipodes and Distance of the Rings the 17. 18. Wind 19. Lightning and Thunder Rain 20. Origin of the Sea 20a. Earthquakes 21. Origin of Animal Life 22. Descent of Man 23. The >pvxyi ARRANGEMENT OF THE DOXOGRAPHY 27 Abbreviations of Authors in the Doxography A.

1, p. ^ With regard therefore to Anaximander's dpxTJ, the statements of may an excellent firsthand source for Theophrastus' account. But information given by Simplicius in a different portion of his work or, a fortiori, in a different commentary— does not necessarily have the same documentary value. These other statements may be based upon the same passages already cited from Theophrastus (as when the comparison of Anaxagoras to Anaximander, Simplicius on page 24 rank as — given at p. 17, is repeated almost verbatim at p.

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