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Such is the case we have recently conducted AKP high accuracy matrix diagonalization based on the WMB method. This is not a perturbation calculation; the anisotropy term is not regarded as a perturbation and the full Hamiltonian matrix is diagonalized. Thus the approximation comes only from the size of the matrix. But, as a trade-off, a scaling parameter is unavoidably included; it is crucial to choose a correct parameter value at every anisotropy parameter. We have derived a simple rule of thumb to choose a suitable value [17].

Symmetry, such a basic concept underlying those aspects of Nature which appear to us in the form of interactions among fundamental particles, is best accounted for within the framework of a variational principle. Within the domain of classical physics, only two fundamental interactions have been addressed: the gravitational and the electromagnetic interactions. The theoretical construction may correspondingly rest on two variational principles, one for gravitation and the other for electromagnetism.

Aren’t the two issues in contradiction? We have found that they can live together (within approximation of the fluctuation size). Most important point is that the swap of the localization patterns at avoiding crossing is in harmony with the transportation of them by the responsible PO orbits. Besides the POT prediction (29) does not imply the exact location of theappearance of the scar. It has some allowance as recognized by the width of the modulation of SSF[11]. Let us explain this by Fig. 8.

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