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WHAT THEOSOPHY IS "There is a college of philosophy nonetheless in lifestyles of which sleek tradition has misplaced sight." In those phrases Mr. A.P. Sinnett all started his booklet, The Occult global, the 1st renowned exposition of Theosophy, released thirty years in the past. [Namely in 1881.] through the years that experience handed seeing that then, many millions have discovered knowledge in that college, but to the bulk its teachings are nonetheless unknown, and so they may give in simple terms the vaguest of replies to the question, "What is Theosophy?" books exist already which solution that question: Mr. Sinnett's Esoteric Buddhism and Dr. Besant's the traditional knowledge. i've got no considered getting into pageant with these typical works; what I hope is to provide an announcement, as transparent and easy as i will make it, that could be considered as introductory to them.

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They in no way exclude higher thought if they are controlled, so in the astral world as in the physical a man may devote himself to study and to helping his fellows, or he may waste his time and drift about aimlessly. The astral world extends nearly to the mean distance of the orbit of the moon; but though the whole of this realm is open to any of its inhabitants who have not permitted the redistribution of their matter, the great majority remain much nearer to the surface of the earth. The matter of the different subdivisions of that world interpenetrates with perfect freedom, but there is on the whole a general tendency for the denser matter to settle towards the centre.

After death, if he has allowed the rearrangement to be made (as from ignorance, all ordinary persons do) his condition in this respect will be different. Having on the surface of his astral body only the lowest and grossest particles, he can receive impressions only from corresponding particles outside; so that instead of seeing the whole of the astral world about him, he will see only one-seventh of it, and that the densest and most impure. W. LEADBEATER A TEXTBOOK OF THEOSOPHY class of astral entities.

W. LEADBEATER A TEXTBOOK OF THEOSOPHY himself living in a vehicle which he has never used before—a vehicle furthermore which is very far from being fully developed—a vehicle which shuts him out to a great extent from the world about him, instead of enabling him to see it. The lower part of his nature burnt itself away during his purgatorial life, and now there remain to him only his higher and more refined thoughts, the noble and unselfish aspirations which he poured out during earth-life. These cluster round him, and make a sort of shell about him, through the medium of which he is able to respond to certain types of vibrations in this refined matter.

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