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By H. Perraton

International scholars have travelled to Britain for hundreds of years and, from the start, attracted controversy. This publication explores altering British coverage and perform, and altering pupil event, set in the context of British social and political historical past.

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35 The dissolution of the monasteries demonstrated that such vanguards were no longer acceptable. It also provided much-needed funds to the crown and had three immediate effects on Oxford and Cambridge. First, with their encouragement of travel, within or across frontiers, the mendicant orders had always provided a significant proportion of students at or around the universities. As the mendicants left, the universities became more national and less international institutions. Second, changes to the curriculum inevitably followed.

They then increased between 1550 and 1580 and again in the early seventeenth century when they reached levels not to be seen again till the 1870s. 39 Changes in class came with changes in numbers. The medieval aristocracy had little use for universities. Even as late as 1514 Henry VIII’s principal secretary, Richard Pace, claimed that ‘It better becomes the sons of gentlemen to hunt with skill, to teach and manage the falcon. 40 But the demand for lay administrators and professional men created job opportunities which neither the aristocracy nor the gentry were prepared to leave to yokels.

32 While it would be an anachronism to talk of a medieval state or university policy towards foreign students, some elements of future policies were already in place by 1500. Universities were benefiting from the presence of foreign students and teachers, and sometimes acknowledged the benefits. They accepted, even welcomed, foreign students though not always treating them as equals. For its part the state had shown its determination to exercise some control over foreign students, as over immigrants generally, and needed to be reassured of their loyalty.

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