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103. 2 Verbs wontsu⁄ bi⁄ndi⁄ tummu guu⁄fu⁄ du⁄u⁄ru k’aamse⁄ /afe /a⁄ime⁄ lo⁄o⁄su gu⁄it’ub guuru ‘answer’ ‘ash’ ‘stomach’ ‘navel’ ‘elephant’ ‘hear’ ‘eye’ ‘movement’ ‘uvula’ ‘white’ ‘crocodile’ LH HH LL LHH HHH LLH HL HLH HHL HLL LLL bulu⁄ fa⁄s‹i⁄nt’ s‹ini boo⁄lu⁄ ko⁄o⁄ru looXo⁄n bindi do⁄ista⁄l zi⁄i⁄ti za⁄ap’e bolidi ‘disconnect’ ‘separate’ ‘buy’ ‘cursing to kill’ ‘plant’ ‘sweat’ ‘create’ ‘adjust the grinder’ ‘hang up’ ‘lie down’ ‘forcast’ Tone and lexical distinctions. Tone in Dime has lexical functions.

4). 2 The dative The dative in Dime is marked with –in. In three place verbs, the patient/affected (direct) object complement is marked by the accusative which is discussed in the previous section. The second complement representing the recipient or goal noun is marked by the dative. The patient or the recipient argument can be omitted if it can be understood from the context. Examples: 43. s#iftaye zim-is-in gim-i-n shiftaye chief-DEF-DAT answer-PF-3 ‘Shiftaye answer to the chief ’ 44. s#iftaye zim-is-in-k gim-i-n shiftaye chief-DEF-DAT-too answer-PF-3 ‘Shiftaye answered to the chief too’ The following are some examples of verbs which take a dative: 45.

By making use of the syllable, this is explained: the vowels are inserted to syllabify unparsed consonants. Epenthesis is a common phenomenon in Ethiopian languages such as in Amharic (Hudson 2000, Mulugeta 2001, 2003). An epenthetic vowel i is inserted in Dime where a cluster of CCC arises due to affixation, cliticization or reduplication. The nature of the epenthetic vowel in every position of words is based on the cluster rule of the language. If three consonants occur at word initial position, the epenthesis is between the first two consonants because a consonant cluster or geminate consonant is not permitted word initially.

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