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By Kenneth E. Hagin

Rev. Hagin encourages Christians to envision and stick with the scriptural purposes for fasting. He discuss-es the right kind size for a quick, and he offers an engaging replacement to the normal view of fasting--an substitute the Lord gave him

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We're encouraged to pray, but in connection with demon activity, healing, or anything else, we are not told to fast. Fasting, then, must not be as important as some people would lead you to believe. There would have to be some kind of instruction to the Church if it were! There are instructions on the gifts of the Spirit, praying, and giving, but none on fasting. Let's go to the four Gospels and look at some things Jesus said about fasting. LUKE 5:33-35 33 And they said unto him, Why do the disciples of John fast often, and make prayers, and likewise the disciples of the Pharisees; but thine eat and drink?

If you fast and don't minister to the Lord, it might not do you too much good. But fasting will give you that extra time to wait on God. At the same time, it will help you keep the flesh under. You Must Have a Purpose As mentioned before, it seems in the New Testament that people fasted under these conditions: to minister to the Lord, to ordain men to the ministry, or to seek God in times of extreme danger. You always must have a purpose. Don't fast just because someone tells you to. Don't Fast for Revival I've known some pastors who try to fast for a revival.

Did you know spiritualists fast? They are in contact with demons and evil spirits, and they believe fasting helps them become more sensitive to evil spirits. That is the reason the devil gets to working on some people when they start fasting—especially when they try to fast for long periods of time. You've got to realize there are many spirits in the spirit world. We find two other references to fasting in Acts 27. "Now when much time was spent, and when sailing was now dangerous, because the fast was now already past, Paul admonished them..

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