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The o r d i n a r y irreducible which are selfassociated representations of S2%S4 A4 with respect to S2%S4A2 are: (2112),(1212). As has been mentioned above, ciated representations presentation the elements restrict of the normal tions of selfassociated of a pair of asso- to the same irreducible subgroup of index representations of re- 2, while restric$2~S n split into two representations. 15). in part table I (cf. It allows also to derive a great deal of A the character table of S2%An, $2~S n and S2~Snn A2 A2 the character table of S2~Sn.

13) runs through a complete system of F* 30 pairwise inequivalent tations of the inertia In order to construct G~H and irreducible factor H N S,n,~J the irreducible of F*. x Snr of of G of and of the H. All properties which remain valid under inner tensor product multiplication and induction, G~H, if they hold for the representations (cf. 42). 16 G If characters H N S(n ) of are rational G H and of G of of H. as well are rational irreducible (real). G~S n referring is ambi- of a finite group is of its characters.

L I i @ underlying space k summands = M i with n := ~ ( v 1 $ v 2) W k is module the vector n w the i = 1,2. is with by @ VI @ V2 @ ... n - k @ V 2) 1 59 where L is a complete system of representatives oZ' the left cosets of S k • Sn_ k in S n. I) in Curtis/Reiner [I] yields that W k affords the representation of G~S n which is induced by the representation afforded by the module with underlying vector space V1 @ ... @ V1 | V2 @ ... | V 2. But the module with this underlying vector space affords the representation n-k D1 I *, D2 ~ of G~S k q !

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