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Harry B. McLaughlin: to 27th Air Transport Group Loire River, then back and forth between Orleans and Gien 359th: White, Lubbers, Brearley, Wyatt Bradshaw, Wadlow, O'Barr*, Vossler* Holm, Craig, Peet, Earnhart Engel, Weber, Farmer, Clayborne Vogt, Anderson, Hockrneyer, Obosla Withers, Walters, Adams, Perryman Thorne, Mercer, McLaughlin, Borelli Burke, Coughenour, Peet, Earnhart Rann, Lubbers, Bradshaw, Rubner were breaking off, three gaggles of 40-plus Germans were seen heading in from north of Lubeck.

Cook, Mercer, Koczak, Borelli Hockrneyer, Anderson, Fletcher, Knapp Baccus, Yoakum, Decker, Lee Perrin, Kahle, Fremaux, Burns Bailey, Thompson, Gibson, Leyser May 21 (#117) LtCo!. Tukey led a sweep against rail and transportation targets from 1016 to 1500. Landfall was near Overflakkee 42 The 3561h FighTer Group if! World War II at 1056 and the pilots looked for targets in the WilhelmshavenBremerhaven-Hamburg area. The 359th claimed 2-2 locos and 0-1 flak tower, while the 360th claimed 0-2 locos and the 36 Ist scored hits on four rail junctions.

William C. O'Barr (359th) suffered engine problems and was forced to bailout southwest of the Northeast Polder. 360tl" 361 st: 45 Line-up Baccus, Malo, Clayborne, Hoffert Wadlow, Wilmot, Rubner, Chickering Meholic, Bergstrom, Knudsen, Cline Weber, Forsyth, Vossler, Lubbers Cota, Soya, Fletcher, abasia McHale, Olive, Niemi, Goldwasser Cook, Mercer, Green, Leidy Waller, Hargreaves, Thwaites, Engle Bailey, Hurley, Burns, Swift Strait, Harris, Yoakum, Decker Gansberg, Kovacs, Engelhorn, Faison The 356th Fighter Gmtlp in World War lf May 30 (#129) LtCo!.

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