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By Brian D O'Neill, Mark Styling

The 1st name within the Elite devices sequence to accommodate an American bombardment staff, this name specializes in the 303rd BG, dubbed the 'Hells Angels.' one of many first actual B-17 devices assigned to the newly created 8th Air strength in England in September 1942, the 303rd was once within the leading edge of the sunlight bombing crusade via to VE-Day. presented a uncommon Unit quotation in January 1944, the 303rd additionally had of its aircrewmen provided with the Medal of Honor, Americas final army ornament. Brian O Neill brings the group's vibrant wrestle heritage to lifestyles with a mixture of first-hand money owed, uncooked records and concise challenge narrative.

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7) THEOREM. Let G = (x, y :xP = l,yQ = l,yxy-1 = x'), where p is an odd prime, q any divisor of p - 1, and r is a primitive q-th root of 1 mod p. Let w be a primitive p-th root of lover Q, and let L be the unique subfield of Q(w) such that (Q(w): L) = q. Put S = alg. int. {L}. Let H = (y), a cyclic group of order q. Then there is a surjection Cl ZG ~ Cl S Ea Cl ZH 30 IRVING REINER whose kernel Do is a cyclic group of order q/(q, 2). Further, the sequence o -Do -D(le) -D(ZH) - 0 is exact. D(le) I = 1 if e is a dihedral group of order 2p.

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