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By Pelgrane Press

Omens of the Age

As the thirteenth Age unfolds, its mysteries—and dangers—grow extra numerous.

Undreamed-of creatures move slowly up from the underworld, descend from the sky on metal wings, and slip throughout the cracks actually. unusual magic is unfastened on the planet, even if it’s drawn from the Wild, from the nation-states of chaos and loss of life, or from the internal energy of ki.

Patch issues up together with your surly magic weapon, hero. the journey is simply beginning.

13 precise methods expands the thirteenth Age Roleplaying online game in interesting new instructions. inside its 256 pages you’ll locate six new sessions, the lore of devils, the keys to Horizon, the good Gold Worm’s mystery murderer, and lots more and plenty more.

For Players:
• The chaos mage who embraces randomness, and the monk who embodies discipline
• The druid who masters the weather , and the necromancer who instructions the undead
• The commander who orders your ranks, and the occultist who orders reality
• Multiclassing instruments that will help you create the nature you such a lot are looking to play
• Treasure to loot, and artifacts that would simply loot you

For GMs:
• All-new info and experience seeds for Axis, the court docket of Stars, Drakkenhall, Horizon, and Santa Cora
• extra how one can use the icons, together with variation icons and courting effects tied to a location
• Lists of thirteen: lethal dungeons, flying geographical regions, must-visit hotels, and more
• New monsters to problem your avid gamers, together with devils, steel dragons, werebeasts, and soul flensers
• 4 targeted new NPCs with a number of crusade options

13 precise methods: New heroes. New legends. Your international.

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